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Resources to Quit Sugar

Looking for information and help kicking a bad sugar habit?

Sugar Quantity Quick Reference

It can be shocking to discover just how much sugar, fruit juice concentrate and HFCS is included in drinks, condiments, bread and more. Read the label. Check out the below charts for a quick reference to a very short list of common drinks and foods.


Coca-Cola 12oz 39g 9.5tsps 140cal : 163% : 108%
Pepsi-Cola 12oz 41g 10tsps 150cal : 171% : 114%
Orange Crush 12oz 43g 10.2tsps 195cal : 179% : 119%
Ocean Spray 100% Cranberry Juice* 8oz 36g 8.6tsps 140cal : 150% : 100%
Orange Juice 8oz 26g 6.2tsps 110cal : 108% : 72%

*Claims no sugar added - uses fruit juice concentrates.

Since a large quantity of sugar comes in the form of soft drinks. Be sure to read the ingredients, beverage produces will advertize "No Sugar Added", most of the time this means they've used fruit juice or fruit juice concentrate instead of sugar. Please understand that this has all the same negative effects of sugar on our bodies.


Trader Joe's Organic Ketchup 1Tbs 5g 1.2tsps 20cal : 21% : 14%
Stubb's Spicy BBQ Sauce 2Tbs 6g 1.5tsps 25cal : 25% : 17%
Sweet Baby Ray's Original Barbecue Sauce 2Tbs 17g 4.1tsps 70cal : 71% : 47%
Sky Valley Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce 1Tbs 1g 0.25tsps 5cal : 4% : 3%
Trader Joe's Organic Coconut Aminos 1Tbs 5g 1.2tsps 20cal : 21% : 14%

As you can see, sauces vary wildly in their quantity of sugar. We have to read the labels if we want to know what we're consuming.


Banana (medium) 1 7.1g 1.7tsps 105cal : 30% : 20%
Strawberries 1 cup 4.1g 0.9tsps 49cal : 17% : 11%
Cherries 30 12g 2.9tsps 150cal : 50% : 33%
Apples (medium) 1 12.6g 3tsps 105cal : 53% : 35%
Zucchini 1 cup 3g 0.72tsps 29cal : 13% : 8%

I hope these shed some light on how natural foods contain considerably less sugar than anything processed and packaged when you consider the satiating and nutritional quality. Comparing the natural sugars present in fruits or vegetables to processed sweeteners isn't fair as natural foods always have fiber and other useful nutritive enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and contribute to your health. The RDV is for added sugar, aka processed sweeteners, so it's not even relevant to fructose naturally found in fruit.

Our tables calculating the % of RDV are based on a maximum of 36g per man and 24g per woman. These numbers are in accordance with the AMA, AHA, and CDC for added sugars.

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