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But that's just the tip of the proverbial sugar cube...

Here, "Sugar" is a generalized term standing for all simple carbohydrates including sweeteners like High Fructose Corn Syrup and more. Our bodies respond to simple carbohydrates, especially those lacking fiber, in nearly the same way as Sugar1.

High Sugar Consumption

The AMA, AHA, and CDC all recommend less than 36 grams (9 tsps, 150 cal) of Sugar per day2 for a man or 24 grams (6 tsps, 100 cal) for a woman — roughly 8-12 ounces of energy drink, soda, juice or most any commercial soft drink in America. (see: Resources for quick reference tables of common drinks and foods)


One common slang term for diabetes is "The Sugars". Sugar isn't the only cause but avoiding it significantly reduces your risk of developing Diabetes3.


Sugar provides no nutritional value, nothing your body needs, and is more addictive than most chemical compounds that we call drugs4. Sugar is about as natural as cocaine just with a different high. The addiction leads to overeating, especially as your body craves nutrition, which it isn't getting from Sugar.

Heart Disease

Between Sugar's contributions to Obesity and Inflammation, not to mention Anxiety and Depression, it's no surprise that sugar increases the risk of Heart Disease5.


Perhaps the greatest peril with simple carbohydrates like Sugar is the associated increase in inflammatory response that can lead to autoimmune diseases like Arthritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and Cancers6.

Complicate Weight Loss

Years ago, we were taught to be afraid of fats and not to concern ourselves with carbohydrates; we now know that the long term health effects of a low fat diet have very little health advantages and in fact may be harmful7. Meanwhile, Sugar consumption has increased right along with rates of Obesity8.

Dig Deeper

Blurred Vision, Kidney Stones, Cancer, Premature Tooth Decay, Mood Disorders including Anxiety and Depression, and Dimentia are closely associated with excess Sugar consumption.

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Want to print your own Sugar General Warning labels? Get a PDF of SUGAR GENERAL WARNING for standard address labels (Avery 5160 30/sheet).

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