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About Sugar General Warning

Produced by Horse & Fox Joint Productions - a couple of overly bearded men aiming to pass on something useful to our fellow humans. This information reflects our views and has been paid for by us. Our interest is in your health and well being; we hope you find it both useful and entertaining.

OK, but why? Really.

Inspired by what we thought a Surgeon General's Warning on Sugar would look like, we based our statements off the Surgeon General's Warning printed on cigarrette packages added in 1984. This site and the resulting warning label sheet were then produced. Please feel free to print out your own warning labels and stick them to packages of high sugar foods in your pantry or in your favorite store.

Blunt, Plain Language

Our warning uses plain, blunt language, certainly stronger than what a network news anchor would report. Network news agencies have a responsibility to their advertisers, we have a responsibility to our conscience. We stand by the dangers and complications of excess sugar consumption on your health. Learn more from our resources page, including links and common quantities of sugar for common foods.

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